Course Curriculum

Building A 17 Strand Straight Cinch, Techniques For Breast Collars & Other Projects

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

  • 02

    Unit #1- Cinch Fit/Type Fundamentals

    • Cinch Type/Saddle Rigging

    • Measuring Your Horse For a Cinch

  • 03

    Unit #2- Supplies and Setup

    • Frames

    • Mohair/Hardware/Supplies List

    • Buckle Types

    • Setting Up Buckles & Frames

    • Measuring 8 Ply Cord

    • Knot Planning

    • Calculating 8 Ply Cord

  • 04

    Unit #3- 17 Strand Cinch Construction

    • Tying The Body/Proper Tension

    • Tying/Tension Troubleshooting Tips

    • 2 Ply Weaving Technique Differences

    • End Tie Off

    • Burying 8 Ply Ends

    • Splicing in Detail/End Weave 2 Ply Cord (if you come up short!)

    • Right To Left Turnarounds

    • Left To Right Turnarounds

    • Turnaround Photo Steps, Both Directions

    • Trimming 2 Ply Ends

  • 05

    Unit #4- Dee Rings

    • Measuring For Dee Rings

    • Tying In Dee Rings

    • Short Review: Where To Start Your Center

    • Burying Dee Ring 2 Ply Ends

  • 06

    Unit #5- Other Projects/Detail Work

    • Triangles

    • Breast Collars

    • Breast Collar Center Strap

    • Planning A Design

    • English Girths

    • Random Projects

    • Two Color Cinches

    • Checker and Tooth Pattern Example

    • How To Start A Checker or Tooth Pattern

    • Left To Right Tooth Pattern Turnaround

    • Right To Left Tooth Pattern Turnaround

    • Tooth Pattern Turnaround Photos

  • 07

    Short Technique Video Clips

    • Larks Head Knot, Top Buckle Right Knot

    • Larks Head Knot, Top Buckle Left Knot

    • Larks Head Knot, Bottom Buckle Right Knot

    • Larks Head Knot, Bottom Buckle Left Knot

    • Right To Left Whip Stitch

    • Left To Right Whip Stitch

    • Right To Left 2 Ply Weave

    • Left To Right 2 Ply Weave

  • 08

    Thank you!

    • Thank You!


Instructor Bio:

Dana and Tracy have taught dozens of folks how to tie cinches, and are excited to bring this online opportunity to people around the world! They are focused on teaching people how to build functional equipment first and foremost, with the comfort of the horse in mind.

Dana and Tracy Eklund


  • When does the course start?

    Right now! As soon as you sign up you will receive access. It is a "work at your own pace" course, so you can log on any time to view the videos and lessons as many times as you need. There is also a discussion feature with each lesson, so you can ask questions and we can log on to answer any hiccups you might run into!

  • Are supplies or a frame included?

    No, you are responsible for sourcing your own supplies. We include a list of suppliers in the course, as well as basic directions for making your own frame if you do not want to purchase one.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    No, at this time we are not able to offer refunds once you sign up. If you have questions about the course, please don't hesitate to reach out ahead of time so we can clarify any questions you might have before purchasing.

  • Is it just videos that are included?

    Many lessons also have PDFs for you to download/print out and take notes on, and there are also photo and short video tutorials of many of the techniques if you need a quick refresher, but don't want to watch a whole lesson video!

  • Do you cover roper cinches or nylon centers?

    Ropers and nylon centers are not covered in these videos. We feel strongly that the techniques in this course are important to master first, and then down the road if you want to branch out to those you already have a solid foundation!